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Pet Invention Scores Big on Shark Tank

There have been many pet inventions featured on Shark Tank over the show’s nine seasons, but last week’s episode featured a huge pet business investment from Lori Greiner: $500,000 for a 5 percent share!

Lori spent the big bucks to obtain a share of the BrilliantPad.  The BrilliantPad is branded as the “self-cleaning dog potty’ that automatically advances a roll of dog pads when used, completely sealing both solid and liquid waste inside of the roll.  The roll is the equivalent of 27 dog pads, so owners could potentially wait weeks before having to remove and replace the roll.  The system is odor-free and leak proof.

The inventor of the BrilliantPad had previously invented the ScoopFree self-cleaning cat litterbox, so he was familiar with launching a similar product in the pet market.  He also had a very successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the BrilliantPad, raising more than $100,000 from interested pet owners.

You can watch clips of the Shark Tank episode on the BrilliantPad website.  The show is a great source of tips for people planning to launch a product or business (animal related or otherwise), so be sure to tune in.

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