Mounted Police Officer Career Overview

Mounted police officers are law enforcement professionals tasked with patrolling a designated area on horseback to provide crowd control and promote public safety. Duties Mounted police officers are most frequently involved with crowd control for events and also monitor populated areas to ensure public welfare.  The officer’s horse greatly enhances their physical

Riding Instructor Career Overview

Riding instructors teach riding lessons and coach students who wish to compete in various equestrian disciplines. Duties Riding instructors train students by designing skill building exercises for the horse and rider.  They critique their students’ form, give advice on proper techniques, and teach general horsemanship skills such as grooming, saddling, and bandaging. 

Animal Massage Therapist Career Overview

Animal massage therapists are skilled animal health professionals with experience in manipulating muscles and soft body tissues to alleviate pain and promote mobility. Duties Animal massage therapists utilize a variety of strokes and techniques to treat their patients, many of which are the common to both human and animal massage therapy. The therapist

Small Animal Veterinarian Career Overview

Small animal veterinarians specialize in providing veterinary care for companion animal species.  Their patients often include dogs, cats, small mammals, and exotics (such as parrots and reptiles). Duties Small animal veterinarians are licensed practitioners who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the illnesses and injuries common to small animals often kept

Dog Trainer Career Overview

A dog trainer uses their knowledge of canine behavior and training techniques to modify behavioral responses. Duties Dog trainers use a variety of training techniques to eliminate negative behaviors or to elicit a desired response to training cues.  Techniques commonly used by dog trainers include operant conditioning, desensitization techniques, hand signals, verbal

Large Animal Veterinarian Career Overview

Large animal veterinarians specialize in providing health care for livestock species that are commonly kept on farms.  Their patients often include dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, and goats. Duties Large animal veterinarians are licensed practitioners who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the illnesses and injuries that affect livestock

Zoo Keeper Career Overview

Zoo keepers provide care for a variety of exotic animal species that are housed in zoo exhibits. Duties Zoo keepers are skilled animal caretakers that are responsible for maintaining the health of all animals under their supervision.  This generally involves habitat maintenance, feeding, monitoring changes in behavior, assisting veterinarians or vet techs

Wildlife Veterinarian Career Overview

A wildlife vet specializes in the treatment of various wildlife species (either focusing on native wildlife or exotic species kept in zoo collections). Duties Wildlife veterinarians are licensed practitioners that have the training and experience to treat many different types of non-domestic species including birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. The specific daily duties

AVMA Salary Calculator Docks First Year Female Vet Earnings

The American Veterinary Medical Association recently released a salary calculator designed to help veterinary students determine how much they would likely earn in their first year of practice. The calculator program compiles information on many different data points including the vet’s area of specialization (i.e. food animal vs companion animal