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UC Davis Falls in World Veterinary Rankings

The University of California – Davis, the top veterinary school worldwide in the QS World Veterinary Rankings in 2017 and 2018, was surpassed by the Royal Veterinary College for 2019.  The Royal Veterinary College had been ranked at #3 the past two years. 

UC Davis was still the top North American vet school with its #2 ranking.  Cornell University, #2 on the last two editions of the report, fell to #5 for 2019.  North American veterinary programs remained strong, accounting for 10 of the top 25 in the rankings.

The QS rankings are prepared by a British firm using methodology that takes into account a variety of factors including global surveys of academics and employers as well as research citations.

Here is the list of the top 25 veterinary programs for 2019:

  1. Royal Veterinary College, University of London (United Kingdom)
  2. University of California, Davis (United States)
  3. Utrecht University (Netherlands)
  4. University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  5. Cornell University (United States)
  6. The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  7. University of Guelph (Canada)
  8. The Ohio State University (United States)
  9. The University of Sydney (Australia)
  10. The University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)
  11. Michigan State University (United States)
  12. University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
  13. Ghent University (Belgium) (tie)
  14. University of Minnesota (United States)
  15. University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  16. Wageningen University (Netherlands)
  17. The University of Melbourne (Australia)
  18. University of Pennsylvania (United States)
  19. University of Bristol (United Kingdom)
  20. Texas A&M University (United States)
  21. Vetsuisse Faculty Bern and Zurich (Switzerland)
  22. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
  23. Colorado State University (United States)
  24. Iowa State University (United States)
  25. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen (Germany)

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