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UC Davis Veterinary Hospital Announces Major Expansion

The UC Davis veterinary teaching hospital has revealed plans to double the size of its facility.  This ultra-expensive upgrade will cost more than $508 million (yes, half a billion) dollars to complete.  Approximately $57 million has been raised to begin the first phase of construction.  Once finished, the complex will boast over 430,000 square feet of hospital space.

The UC Davis veterinary program is consistently ranked among the top vet schools in the world, currently sitting at #1 over rival Cornell, which has also been top ranked in recent years.  Cornell is in the midst of a major renovation that is set to be completed in early 2018, and the University of Georgia completed a major expansion two years ago (increasing its space to five times its original size), so it is no surprise that the leading veterinary program at Davis would launch a major construction project to keep pace with the competition.  The UC Davis renovation, however, is coming in at five times the cost of the projects completed by other vet schools.

There has been no announcement of plans to increase the class size for future veterinary admissions, though that certainly could be a possibility with the increased teaching space and the higher volume of patients that a larger facility would be able to accommodate.  We’ll keep you informed of any future developments on that front.

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