New Farrier Program Established at MSU

Michigan State University has announced it will add a farrier program for its Fall 2018 semester.  The MSU Farrier School will offer students the choice of two tracks: a 12 week program (for $11,950 including tuition, supplies, and books) and a 24 week program (for $17,950 including tuition, supplies, and

Compassionate Care Veterinary Student Scholarship Announced

The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association has announced that applications are currently being accepted for the Compassionate Care Veterinary Student Scholarship.  This award, established in 2016, is intended for vet students who are interested in animal welfare issues and have actively pursued this interest through volunteer work.  The first place

Attention Walmart Shoppers: Vet Clinics Coming Soon

Retail giant Walmart has announced that it will begin offering veterinary services in partnership with PetIQ, an Idaho-based veterinary chain.  The first 20 locations will be open by May 2018, and a few are already in operation.  PetIQ has plans to open 1,000 additional VetIQ Petcare clinics in retail-partner locations