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Purdue Joins Vet School Renovation Wars

Purdue University is the latest veterinary school to announce a multi-million dollar renovation of its teaching hospital.  More than $37 million was earmarked this week by the state budget committee to replace the large animal teaching hospital and make other necessary improvements.

The new 76,000 square foot large animal facility will include units for surgery, radiology, reproduction, intensive care, examination, medicine, and treatment.  Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2018, with completion planned by May 2020.  Purdue also plans to seek funding for a new small animal hospital in the near future.

Purdue joins several other schools that have announced major construction projects over the past few years.  The University of Georgia completed a major renovation two years ago, increasing its footprint fivefold.  Cornell University’s major renovation is nearing completion (expected in early 2018).  UC Davis announced an ambitious $508 million renovation in July 2017 that will allow the nation’s leading vet school to boast more than 430,000 square feet of hospital space.

The trend we’re seeing in the veterinary school arena is towards modernization and new construction, so we won’t be surprised if more programs announce plans to expand and build state of the art facilities in the near future.

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