Take Your Dog to Work Day

Are you ready to take your dog to work this Friday? Take Your Dog to Work Day is being celebrated on June 24, 2016. This popular event was founded by Pet Sitters International in 1999 and is traditionally held on the Friday after Father’s Day. You can follow the trending

6 Surprising Ways to Make Money with Butterflies

While you may not be familiar with the idea of “butterfly farming,” there are many successful entrepreneurs raising the colorful insects for profit. An article published by CNN Money back in 2001 stated that it was entirely possible to earn $50,000 to $100,000 per year with a butterfly business, and

Wildlife Veterinarian Career Overview

A wildlife vet specializes in the treatment of various wildlife species (either focusing on native wildlife or exotic species kept in zoo collections). Duties Wildlife veterinarians are licensed practitioners that have the training and experience to treat many different types of non-domestic species including birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. The specific daily duties

Synthetic Dog Developed for Vet Student Training

A high-tech synthetic dog could significantly reduce the number of live animals utilized for vet school surgical training programs. The SynDaver synthetic canine is currently seeking crowdfunding through Indiegogo. The synthetic canine can breathe and bleed, has lifelike tissue, and features complete organ systems. You might be familiar with SynDaver if

AVMA Salary Calculator Docks First Year Female Vet Earnings

The American Veterinary Medical Association recently released a salary calculator designed to help veterinary students determine how much they would likely earn in their first year of practice. The calculator program compiles information on many different data points including the vet’s area of specialization (i.e. food animal vs companion animal

World Livestock Auctioneer Championship

The 53rd annual World Livestock Auctioneer Championship will be hosted in Lexington, Kentucky from June 15-19, 2016. More than 30 top livestock auctioneers will compete in this popular and entertaining event. If you have an interest in auctioneering (or just livestock in general) you might wish to attend the fast-talking