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New Farrier Program Established at MSU

Michigan State University has announced it will add a farrier program for its Fall 2018 semester.  The MSU Farrier School will offer students the choice of two tracks: a 12 week program (for $11,950 including tuition, supplies, and books) and a 24 week program (for $17,950 including tuition, supplies, and books).  The program runs a full 8 hours each day and includes both classroom and hands-on training.  Coursework will cover hoof and farrier science, equine anatomy and physiology, basic welding, and topics in business management.

The state of Michigan has not had a farrier school in several years, requiring prospective farriers to travel to Kentucky or Oklahoma to pursue formal training.  This program is designed to fill that void, allowing Michigan students to stay local.

For those unfamiliar with this career path, farriers are highly skilled equine professionals who provide routine hoof care.  With the average horse requiring a trim every six weeks, farrier services are always in demand.  Farriers also earn a nice salary for their efforts, reaching the six figure mark in high volume areas.  It is true that it can be a physically taxing profession, but it is certainly one with good pay and plenty of opportunities.

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