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Purdue University Establishes Vet Up! National Academy

The Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine announced today that it has been awarded a $3.18 million federal grant to increase diversity in the veterinary field and address the shortage of veterinarians in public health and food animal medicine.  The program will be known as Vet Up! The National Health Careers Opportunity Program Academy for Veterinary Medicine.

Vet Up! will consist of three programs with competitive admission:

  • Vet Up! Champions: a one year program for high school students, undergraduate students, and working adults that will prepare them to move to the next step on the path to becoming a veterinarian
  • Vet Up! College: a summer program for undergraduate students that will prepare them to apply to a veterinary program
  • Vet Up! DVM: a program to support Purdue veterinary students and prepare them for careers in areas facing a shortage of veterinarians

The program joins Purdue’s established Center of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine in seeking to promote the profession to currently underrepresented groups.

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