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Veterinary Labor Union Gains Momentum

The U.S. veterinary market can expect a push from an emerging veterinary labor union, according to a recent article published by VIN News.  The grassroots organization, known as the National Veterinary Professionals Union, was started earlier this year.  While dues have not yet been determined for members, the group is working to become an officially recognized union through the National Labor Relations Board.

The group plans to focus on collective bargaining for better wages and benefits, safe workplace conditions, and binding contracts.  According to the NVPU website, membership will be open to “employee veterinarians, credentialed veterinary technicians, customer care specialists, and other assistive personnel.”

The human healthcare workforce has become increasingly unionized in recent years, and the veterinary industry could be poised to follow suit.  It’s definitely something to keep an eye on if you are a veterinary professional.

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