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Vet School Cost Comparison Tool Updated for 2018

If you’re serious about going to vet school (and being able to afford it), you should definitely take advantage of the Cost Comparison Tool provided by the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges.  Now in its third year and refreshed with 2018 data, the CCT is a web-based application with an interactive dashboard that enables students to compare data related to vet school tuition rates and cost of living expenses.

The CCT provides comprehensive information on all 30 U.S. veterinary schools plus 13 international programs.  The tool includes three levels of cost comparison: vet school tuition, tuition and living expenses, and total cost of attendance (the latter item including the cost of loan interest accruals).

The CCT’s map feature includes resident, nonresident, and international total tuition (including adjustments for those schools which allow residency to be established after the first year).  It also lists the average amount of institutional scholarship funding awarded to first year students, and the percentage of students selected to receive such aid.

With the problem of skyrocketing veterinary student debt being a hot issue in the industry, it is important for aspiring vet students to use resources like the Cost Comparison Tool to evaluate the financial implications of pursing this career path. (And while you’re at it, be sure to check out the VIN Foundation’s Student Debt Center, which provides similar data and also includes a loan repayment simulator).

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