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Lincoln Memorial Offers New Dual Vet Med Degree

Lincoln Memorial University (in Tennessee) has announced a new veterinary-focused dual degree program—a Masters of Science in Veterinary Biomedical Science that can count towards first year coursework for a DVM degree.  The MS-VBS program involves 30 hours of full-time graduate level veterinary courses, including Veterinary Anatomy I and II.  MS-VBS students are integrated with DVM students while taking these courses, and if they are later accepted to Lincoln Memorial’s College of Veterinary Medicine they will not have to repeat them (provided they earned a B or higher).

MS-VBS students may also choose to pursue a thesis-based course of study (ideal for future researchers, or those intending to go on to seek a PhD degree).  Lincoln Memorial has also partnered with the University of Kentucky to offer a dual DVM and PhD degree option.  Additional scholarly research and writing curricula are required for those pursuing this path.

Lincoln Memorial also offers another dual degree that allows students to complete DVM and MBA programs concurrently.  The DVM-MBA program allows the student to graduate with both degrees in four years, much more quickly than if the degrees were pursued separately.

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