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Vet School Applications Spike in 2016

According to preliminary data from the Veterinary Medical College Application Services (VMCAS), the number of vet school applications increased sharply from 2015 to 2016, growing at a rate of more than ten percent.  The number of individual student applicants also increased about six percent over the prior year.

In 2016 the VMCAS processed 34,116 individual applications from 7,071 applicants.  This was up significantly from last year’s total of 30,567 individual applications submitted by 6,673 applicants.  If you do the math, you will find that vet students are applying to an average of 4.8 vet schools.

The vet school selection process continues to be highly competitive despite the increased number of seats per class and addition of several new veterinary schools over the past few years.  The number of applications (and applicants) will likely continue to increase as students seek admission to this desirable field of study.

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