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Have You Been to BarkWorld?

BarkWorld isn’t a theme park for dogs (though that would be completely awesome and now we’re hoping someone has built one).  It’s actually a well known event for pet professionals involved in blogging, publishing, social media, or just about any type of pet related business venture.

Currently under way in Atlanta this week, the BarkWorld event features many pet industry experts and interesting speakers (including one of our favorites, Seth Casteel, author of Underwater Dogs and host of the upcoming reality series Finding Fido).  Sessions are focused on branding, social media strategy, SEO, monetizing social videos, using virtual reality, live streaming, understanding brand influencer relations, and much more.

The digital marketplace is a hot area of the pet industry, and many blogs and websites are successfully tapping into this strong revenue stream.  If you’re serious about networking and maximizing your social media skills this might be an excellent event to attend in 2017.

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