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Texas Plans a New Vet School

It seems that there has been a great deal of activity related to veterinary schools lately, with new programs opening up or being proposed, and renovations taking place at several established schools.  That trend continues with talk of a new vet school in Texas.

Texas Tech University is continuing to investigate the possibility of opening a new veterinary program at its Amarillo campus.  The state legislature earmarked over $4 million to hire a consulting team to work through the logistics of such a move, and it was announced this week that those consultants will be hired shortly.

Texas currently has just one veterinary program (at Texas A&M), and the state has suffered from a chronic shortage of large animal veterinarians.  Officials believe this new pipeline could increase the number of vets choosing to practice in the state.

Fundraising has a long way to go for this project as they have raised less than a quarter of the funds that will ultimately be required (the final cost is estimated to be as high as $90 million), but the Texas Teach team seems optimistic about their chances of making this plan a reality in the future.  Still, it sounds like it will be several years before this proposed veterinary program would be ready to welcome its first class of students.

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