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UC Davis Named World’s Best Vet School

The University of California – Davis, has again been honored as the top veterinary program in the world, according to the highly regarded 2018 QS World University Rankings.  The top trio remained unchanged from the 2017 report, with UC Davis again in the top spot, Cornell University named runner-up, and the Royal Veterinary College ranked third.  In total nine North American veterinary schools were included in the top 25.

There were minor changes for some of the top U.S. vet school rankings over the 2017 edition.  While the top two remained in the same positions, the University of Pennsylvania advanced one spot from #7 to #6.  Texas A&M University remained steady at #10, while Michigan State University advanced from #12 to #11.  The Ohio State University moved up two spots to #16, while Colorado State University moved up one spot to #18.  The biggest surprise was the significant drop in ranking for the University of Minnesota, falling from #14 last year to #22 this year.

Here are the rankings of the world’s 25 best veterinary schools for 2018:

  1. University of California, Davis (United States)
  2. Cornell University (United States)
  3. Royal Veterinary College, University of London (United Kingdom)
  4. University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  5. Utrecht University (Netherlands)
  6. University of Pennsylvania (United States)
  7. University of Guelph (Canada)
  8. The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  9. University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)
  10. Texas A&M University (United States)
  11. Michigan State University (United States)
  12. The University of Sydney (Australia)
  13. Wageningen University (Netherlands)
  14. University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
  15. The University of Melbourne (Australia)
  16. The Ohio State University (United States)
  17. Ghent University (Belgium)
  18. Colorado State University (United States)
  19. University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  20. University of Bristol (United Kingdom)
  21. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
  22. University of Minnesota (United States)
  23. Massey University (New Zealand)
  24. University College Dublin (Ireland)
  25. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen (Germany)

Additional U.S. vet schools appearing in the top 50 included NC State University (27), University of Wisconsin-Madison (30), Purdue University (32), University of Florida (35), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (36), The University of Georgia (37), Iowa State University (40), Washington State University (41), Tufts University (44), and Virginia Tech (45).

Also of note, several of the top veterinary schools, including the leaders UC Davis and Cornell, have recently announced or completed major facility renovations.  UC Davis is planning to double the size of the veterinary facility with a $508 million dollar renovation currently in the fundraising stage, while Cornell is on track to complete a major renovation in 2018.  The University of Georgia increased its facility fivefold with a renovation completed two years ago, while Purdue University announced a major expansion to begin in late 2018.  The renovation wars are heating up as U.S. vet schools upgrade their facilities to provide high quality education and to bolster their reputations in the field.

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