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Free Veterinary Student Debt Webinar

The VIN Foundation is offering a free webinar this week that should be very useful for current (and future) veterinary students.  The webinar, Veterinary Student Debt Questions and Answers, will address topics such as student loan repayment options, loan consolidation, private refinancing, and managing stress related to student debt.  They will also address a key question: why are there so many conflicting numbers on total student debt in the veterinary field?

The student debt webinar will broadcast live on Zoom and Facebook this Wednesday, December 19th, at 8pm ET.  Pre-registration is available now, and those who register will receive a link to the recording and other relevant materials after the event.  And if you haven’t seen the VIN Foundation website, check it out!  They have a wealth of information including their famed cost of education map.

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