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Ross University Upgrades Veterinary Facilities

The recent trend of veterinary schools revamping their facilities has continued with Ross University (in the Caribbean) announcing the completion of a major addition.  The Research and Pathology Building is a 19,000 square foot research facility with a $10.5 million price tag.

The new facility will allow students and faculty to pursue the study of zoonotic and vector-borne diseases, antimicrobial resistance, endangered Caribbean species, sea turtle conservation, feral animal immune contraception strategies, and other One Health related projects.

Ross joins a growing list of veterinary programs that have announced major facility renovations in recent years.  UC Davis is planning to double the size of the veterinary facility with an ambitious $508 million dollar renovation (currently in the fundraising stage), while Cornell completed $7 million veterinary clinic and teaching facility addition in 2018.  The University of Georgia increased its facility fivefold with a renovation completed two years ago, while Purdue University announced a major expansion to begin in late 2018.

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