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Pet Fooled: New Documentary Sheds Light on Pet Food Industry

The new “Pet Fooled” documentary was released on DVD today after weeks of special screenings in theaters.  The film seeks to shed light on the business practices of the pet food industry and to determine whether current pet food options are actually good for pets.  With just a handful of corporations controlling the market, and in light of some major pet food recalls in recent years, it certainly is a topic worth examining.

“Pet Fooled” takes a hard look at pet nutrition options, regulatory measures, safety practices, and much more.  It features commentary from Oprah Winfrey’s veterinarian Dr. Barbara Royal, plus additional veterinary perspective from Dr. Karen Becker.  Various legal, academic, government, and industry representatives also participated in the making of this film.

The DVD was released today on Amazon but has sold out temporarily.  You can also find it through other platforms like iTunes and Vimeo, as well as major retailers like Target and Best Buy.  If you have an interest in the pet food industry this is definitely a film you should consider viewing.

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