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World Livestock Auctioneer Championship

The 53rd annual World Livestock Auctioneer Championship will be hosted in Lexington, Kentucky from June 15-19, 2016. More than 30 top livestock auctioneers will compete in this popular and entertaining event. If you have an interest in auctioneering (or just livestock in general) you might wish to attend the fast-talking finale on June 19 at the Paris Stockyards from 8am to 5pm.

Livestock auctioneering might be a field that you are not be familiar with, but it can be an unusual and rewarding career path to consider. Livestock auctioneers are primarily tasked with conducting sales of livestock at public auctions while working in conjunction with bid spotters. Auctioneers also are involved with pre-sale administrative tasks such as checking health paperwork, numbering or tagging animals for bidding, and interacting with consignors.

More than half of the states in the U.S. require some sort of licensing or certification process for auctioneers. The National Auctioneers Association is a professional organization that offers the Certified Auctioneer Institute (CAI) certification program that may satisfy this requirement.

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