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Celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day

Get ready to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day this Friday, June 23!  (Just make sure you run this by the boss first, if you don’t already work in a pet-friendly office).  This event was created by Pet Sitters International, a well known educational organization for professional pet sitters.

Research has indicated that allowing pets in the workplace has a measurably positive effect on employees.  The inaugural Pets At Work Report, released this week by Purina, found that 63 percent of employees in pet-friendly workplaces were “very satisfied” with their work environment—almost double the rate of employees working in offices that do not allow pets.  A 2016 study by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute and Zoetis also found that office workers reported feeling significantly less stressed when there was a pet in the office.

If you do participate in this event be sure to enter your dog’s picture in the official Take Your Dog to Work Day Photo Contest, but hurry—entries must be submitted by the end of the day.  A $500 donation will be made to the animal shelter or pet rescue of the contest winner’s choosing.   Many entries are already displayed on the site, and voting runs through June 30, so take a look and submit your best!

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