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PetSmart Opening Boutique Grooming Salons

PetSmart has announced that it is in the process of rolling out a line of stand-alone boutique grooming salons that are not housed within a PetSmart retail store.  These new salons will be branded as The Groomery by PetSmart.  The first five salons have either newly opened (New York City and the Chicago suburb of Oak Park) or will open soon (Scottsdale, Arizona, plus two more unnamed locations).  In our research, we did find an expired job posting that referenced a possible Washington DC location, but the validity of that post is unconfirmed at present.

The Groomery concept will provide grooming services in urban areas that may not have a full sized PetSmart store within a convenient distance.  The locations will range from 1,800 to 2,500 square feet in size.  Each salon will feature 10 grooming stations for the Groomery’s staff, two or more fully stocked self-service bathing stations for owners to use, and a sampling of grooming products and accessories available for purchase in the lobby area.

Independent dog groomers may not be thrilled to see this concept coming into their neighborhoods, but it does appear that PetSmart could be making a major push to increase their footprint in the grooming services industry.  It’s certainly something to keep an eye on if you work in a pet service field.

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