15 Best Wildlife Rehabilitation Internships

Are you interested in working with native species as a wildlife rehabilitator?  The best way to get your foot in the door for a career in this field is to participate in internships.  Here are fifteen of our favorite wildlife rehabilitation internships (listed alphabetically): Alabama Wildlife Center Internship Alabama Wildlife Center, the

15 Best Zoo Internships

Working at the zoo is a dream job for many, so it can be tough to get your foot in the door unless you have an amazing resume or insider connections.  Completing a zoo internship will give you the best chance of securing employment.  An internship enhances your experience and

Celebrate National Zoo Keeper Week

National Zoo Keeper Week runs from July 17-23, 2016.  This event is sponsored by the American Association of Zoo Keepers and recognizes the hardworking zoo keepers that act as animal caretakers, conservationists, and educators. Zoo keepers earn relatively small salaries in return for the skilled care they provide, but most of

Zoo Keeper Career Overview

Zoo keepers provide care for a variety of exotic animal species that are housed in zoo exhibits. Duties Zoo keepers are skilled animal caretakers that are responsible for maintaining the health of all animals under their supervision.  This generally involves habitat maintenance, feeding, monitoring changes in behavior, assisting veterinarians or vet techs

Wildlife Veterinarian Career Overview

A wildlife vet specializes in the treatment of various wildlife species (either focusing on native wildlife or exotic species kept in zoo collections). Duties Wildlife veterinarians are licensed practitioners that have the training and experience to treat many different types of non-domestic species including birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. The specific daily duties