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Petco App Will Pay You for Pet Selfies

This may sound too good to be true, but Petco has announced that its new Heads & Tails app will reward owners who upload selfies with their pet.  The selfie needs to receive at least 100 “likes” during the calendar month to qualify.  Once it achieves this level of popularity, Petco will issue a $25 gift card to the owner and donate an additional $25 to the Petco Foundation to help animals in need, making it a win-win scenario.

Uploaded selfies will appear in the timeline stream of the app, and owners may also share their photos using Facebook and Twitter to boost their chances of reaching the 100 “likes” threshold.  Selfies must include at least one human and one animal to be eligible, and owners must add them to one of the nine official categories: Best Dressed, Funny, I’m In Petco, Most Photogenic, Nap Time, New Pet, No Dogs Allowed, Summer Fun and Twinning.  Surely we can all find something to work with on this list.

The app download is free in the App Store, so there’s nothing to lose and gift cards to gain.  Check it out and let us know once you start earning rewards!

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